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Free online access to a book fair fundraiser for your school!

Orders under $1,000 receive 10% cash back - orders over $1,000 receive 20% cash back! It's a win-win for schools and families.

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Fill out the form to create your unique classroom (or school) account for the Fall 2024 Ready Let's Ready on PAGES book fair. Please Note: The individual who signs up will be the primary contact for information about the Fall book fair and will receive the percentage back after the book fair closes. You are welcome to register your entire school on one account and receive one check back based on orders on the school site. Or, teachers can register individual classrooms and each teacher will receive percentage back based on their classroom orders. Please verify your email through the link you receive. As we get closer to the site open date, you will receive all the materials you need to communicate with parents and students about the PAGES Ready Let's Read online book fair.

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We will provide promotion materials for you to share with your students leading up to the Fall 2024 PAGES Ready? Let's Read! purchase window

Let us know how many catalog flyers you need mailed to your school to give to students to take home to promote the book fair.
Please select the book fair window you are participating in this year.

Each purchase on your unique school or classroom site gives you cash back to your school!

The site includes I Can Read Books, fiction novels, activity books, Bibles & devotionals, and more!